Diorskin Shimmer Star: Amber Diamond

Dior Shimmer in Amber Diamond

The Diorskin Shimmer Star is a gorgeous highlighter palette that comes in two shades: Amber Diamond and Rose Diamond. Each palette contains five strips of color that can be used individually or swirled together.  As the name implies, Amber Diamond is a warm highlighter, while Rose Diamond is more cooler toned. Amber Diamond will probably suit those with warmer and darker skin tones, and Rose Diamond would suit those with cooler and lighter skin tones. However, if you are somewhere in the middle, you can probably pull of both shades beautifully. I personally went for the Amber Diamond because I already have the Benefit High Beam, which is a pale pink highlighter, and I thought Amber Diamond would work better especially with a summer tan.

Since I brought this beauty home, I have used it quite a few times. The Amber Diamond gives off an unmistakably golden glow. The powder is so finely milled I did not detect any powderiness, glitter, or shimmer.  So far I have been applying this on top of my cheek bones, nose bridge, cupid’s bow, and I absolutely love it. While I have not tried this, I have heard people using this powder on their eyelids as well.

Close Up of Amber Light

Overall I like this quite a lot. At $44 it’s not cheap, but you do get 0.35oz of product, which should last quite a while. If you like powder highlighters but want something that with finer textures, then give Diorskin Shimmer Star a try.